At XRcise Room we pride ourselves on running classes with a purpose. Each of our class formats are different, they can be individually selected for a purpose, or they can be done one day after the next for complete workouts.

Fitness levels, ability, strength are all catered for, basically our classes fit everyone and make everyone fit.


Xtreme Body

A bodyweight circuit that will test every muscle in your body.

Formulated to develop muscular endurance, increase strength and tone your entire body, simply by using your bodyweight. This class will show you how to train your body, keep fit and manage your weight all without equipment.

An Upper, Middle, Lower body format, all timed means, that anyone of any fitness, strength and ability can be a part of this class.

Get in, get moving and get fit, its simple.


Xpress Circuit

Exactly as it sounds. A fast paced multiple station, exercise circuit. From bodyweight, lite weights, gymnastic rings, functional equipment to cardio equipment, everything is thrown at you.

Designed for those in a hurry but that want to get an all over training session in.

This class will show you what you're made of, and push you further than you thought you could go.



Lets put it this way, a maximum of 1000 to 1300 reps in 45 minutes, that's definitely going to make your muscles burn. If you can't get those reps, it doesn't matter, it's about pushing yourself to do as many as you can. In a group setting you'd be surprised what you're capable of.

XRburn is designed for muscular endurance and to ignite your fat cells so they break down and burn all day long. With the potential to elevate your metabolism for up to 18 hours, it's perfect for those looking to shed a few, or lean up.



Treadmill, Bike, Skipping, Ski Erg, Rower, bodyweight, and shuttles, oh boy are you going to get fit.

If cardio fitness is what you want then this is for you. Test yourself, beat your best time, race each other, no matter what you're going to open up those lungs and get fit quick.



Your metabolic rate dictates not only your weight but your ability to recover. If your metabolic rate is high, your fat stores are low. If your metabolic rate is high you recovery rate from exercise is fast. 


Xbolism pushes your metabolic rate up and up and up, every time you participate. Lean, strong, hungry and fit is what you will get from this class. You will want more, push harder and recover faster after every class.

IMG_20180916_162018 (1).jpg

Total Xtreme

The name says it all. A mix of all of our classes, with the personal touch of our trainers. Who knows what you're going to get on the day, but let's just say that this class is designed to test you.

Fast paced, multiple disciplines, what more could you want.


Traiers Choice

The trainer gets to mix things up. This is where XRcise Room meets BOXR. Boxing, circuits, cardio. 

Don't worry about gloves we have them, just bring your towel, water bottle and smile.

This is designed to test you, to push you like our trainers push themselves.


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XRcise Room proudly owned and operated by Craig McKim for The CAM Trust