If you’re training at XR then you’re going to be training with intensity. Match the dedication to your training with the same dedication to your nutrition and your hard work will be rewarded. Eat for what you did… and eat for what you’re about to do. If the training you do is only offsetting the damage you’re doing from some bad eating and drinking habits… you will not see the change you’re wanting to create in body composition. Your body needs the right fuel to reach and maintain its optimum condition.

Regardless of your goals, we can give you the right dietary guidelines and motivation to create the body that you’re proud to live in. XR can teach you the very basics of nutrition for a healthy body, treating food as an essential form of energy and nourishment.

With so many diets out there that make so many claims let us at XR with our qualified Nutritionist help you sort out which one is for you. 

In this day and age where healthy eating is such a focus, what we eat is rarely the problem, it's more when we eat what. No body is the same, no one's life is the same as anyone else's, so no ones diet necessarily works for anyone else, there is not one size fits all.

Registered with Nutrition Australia and qualified in Sports, Children's, and Therapeutic Nutrition our nutritionist covers all bases.

Maximise your training, maximise your results, book in for a consultation today.


Nutritional Assessments

Our nutritional assessment includes a food diary analysis and feedback on your current eating patterns. We’ll ask you to keep an honest food diary over 3 – 5 days. Every meal, every snack, every bite… and everything you added to it – the sugar, tomato sauce, salt and all the caramel topping. Tell it to us straight… and we’ll tell you everything you already knew you had to change, and point out a few more things that you may not know with our Nutritional Guidelines. 

Cost: $60 for a 1 x 45 minute session



We give you a thorough assessment of your current nutrition and provide guidelines to build a food plan that complements your training goals and targets. We’ll explain how to build your diet around more food groups and less refined carbohydrates. We’ll show you why it’s important to eat regularly, tapering meals throughout the day and increasing your water volume. You may be eating the right foods, but other factors such as timing of your meals, portion sizes or inadequate supplementation may be your downfall.

Cost: $60


Dietary Planning for Athletes

Becoming an elite athlete requires good genes, monitored training and a specific diet. Planning your optimal nutrition is essential for peak performance in any field of sport. You may be eating the right foods, but other factors such as timing of your meals, portion sizes or inadequate supplementation may be your downfall. Our recommendations bring a positive mental outlook by improving alertness and reducing exercise induced fatigue. Our clients have said that their breakthrough performances occurred when they stopped eating what’s in front of them and began to eat to perform. XR can incorporate these attributes into your own nutrition plan. Eat with a purpose... and achieve your personal best.

Costs: $120/month - maximum of 3 months 


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